Ajọfịa Nnewi masquerade snubbed at Afịa-ọlụ festival.

On Saturday 31st  of August, I attended the cultural Afia-olu festival, traditional new yam festival of Nnewi .

It was a sunny day until around 1:00pm, heavy downpour erupted, and  rained throughout the event.

Activities was delayed due to the rainfall, and later  kicks-off around 3:00pm when dignitaries and guests started arriving, including the famous Ajofia (Evil forest) masquerade.

Despite the rainfall, Ajofia entered the arena to entertain guests, and was disappointed, didn’t get attention from the organisers due to an ongoing fund raising.

The giant masquerade waited for minutes and turned back. Fans were disappointed as their joy was cut short.

Speaking to the press, an illustrious son of Anaedo, Okechukwu Uduogu, CEO of C Frank shipping company, explained that Ajọfịa masquerade wasn't snubbed rather it was an ill-timed debut inside the arena.

Igwe Kenneth Orizu III,the traditional ruler of Nnewi  was absent at the event, he sent representatives.

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