About De Great Abatete Ambassadors (DGAA)


About De Great Abatete Ambassadors (DGAA), 

Welcome to De Great Abatete Ambassadors (DGAA), where passion meets purpose in the pursuit of community development and friendship.


Established with a fervent belief in the power of collective action, De Great Abatete Ambassadors (DGAA) was founded by Chief Evans Metuh (lchie Okaka Onyinyechukwunyelu Abatete) who shared the idea with some other young Abatete professionals, businessmen, entrepreneurs and progressives. 

A group of dedicated individuals committed to fostering positive change within our community.The DGAA saw the need to key into the progress already being made by Abatete Development Organization (AD0) and the government of Anambra State towards community development. The key objective of forming this unique association is to lend support as partners in progress towards the development and collective wellbeing of Abatete community. The organization is purely philanthropic in its aims and objectives.


Our mission is simple yet profound: to actively engage in community-driven initiatives and projects that promote security, equality, education, healthcare, and sustainable developrment. Through education, advocacy and hands-on involvement, we aim to address systemic issues, empower the youths, and foster an environment where every voice is heard and valued.


Community Projects: We actively engage in various community projects in other to promote social economic development of Abatete community with focus on youth empowerment.

Security: To assist in rethinking epositioning of Abatete security architecture to create enabling environment for business incubation and to promote entrepreneurship among Abatete indigenes.

Education: Promotion of education and academic excelence through scholarship and other incentives. Engaging in social reorientation of Abatete youth while trying to demonstrate that hard work still pays.

Community Image: Projecting the positive image of Abatete across Anambra State and Nigeria at large through the hard work and success stories of its members and also to attract the presence of Government at all levels to Abatete for Development purposes.

Social Gatherings: In addition to our impactful projects, we understand the importance of fostering strong bonds among our members.Regular social events and gatherings provide a platform for networking, friendship, and support.


Joining DGAA is an opportunity to be part of a dynamic group dedicated to making a difference. Whether youre passionate about community development, eager to share your skills, or simply looking to connect with like- minded individuals, theres a place for you here. Together, we can amplify our impact and create lasting change.

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