Mr Chairman of the occasion, our able founder organizing committee. my able executive members and our distinguished memnbers, ladies, and gentlemen.

With all humility I welcome you all to this August occasion, the end of the year party of our great House of Integrity social club, today being the 1Oth of December 2023.

It is my fervent prayer to God Almighty who makes it possible for us to shower praise him for seeing us through this year from January to this point in time, by his grace we shall all see the end of 2023 and beyond.

We will always remain grateful to God for his mercy and grace. The club witnessed difñiculty this outgoing year due to the present economic downturn in the country,

However, we still give God all the glory and honor for the life he has given us and our families, for it has been wonderful in that regard.

We have been fully committed individually and collectively towards moving the club forward. We have done so well indeed despite the ugly challenges of the economic situation. It has always been my belief as a leader that there is light at the end of the tunnel. Furthermore, the executives are in the move of rebranding the club. All Members have updated their finances and liabilities which has really moved the club forward a great deal in terms of the club's financial obligations.

It is worth mentioning at this point in time that the club is at present discussing with foreign partners from the USA and Germany with a view to engaging in setting world-class hospital to be established in our gigantic property already acquired, all things being equal.

The project is targeted to commence by his grace next year 2024.Distinguish ladies and gentlemen, I want to thank you all for finding time to honour our invitation.My special gratitude goes to our organizers and also thank my indefatigable members for their dedication in ensuring the success of this end-of-the-year party.My gratitude also to the chairman of the occasion, the royal fathers of the day and our founder for their time in today's occasion.

May our Almighty God bless you all. I wish all of us a happy Yuletide, may you all also have a safe journey back to your various destinations.

God bless and thank you all.

Paul Egbo


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