I.G Aguowo Welcome Address At 2nd Education Seminar And Fourth Phase Of Scholarship Award Ceremony



His Excellency, Prof Charles Chukwuma Soludo (Executive Governor of Anambra State)

His Excellency, Dr Onyeka lbezim (Deputy Governorof Anambra State)

His Lordship, Catholic Bishop of Awka Diocese, Rt Rev Dr. Paulinus Ezeokafor

His Royal Highness, Ezeike IV of Nibo, Dr. MC Ngene

The Speaker of Anambra State House of Assembly,

The Head of Service, Anambra state

Other Dignitaries


All Protocol duly observed

Good Morning and welcome to the Fourth Scholarship Award Ceremony by IG AGUOWO HEALTH AND ACADEMIC FOUNDATION. We are pleased to host this ceremony to acknowledge and congratulate the recipients of the year 2023 IG Aguowo Health and Academic Foundation Scholarship Scheme.

This is an important event within the framework of IG AGUOWO HEALTH AND ACADEMIC FOUNDATION objectives, a very committed goal that symbolizes the need to eradicate poverty through education.

I do not intend to make a lengthy speech but will confine my remarks to three points.

First, to congratulate this year's recipients of the IG Aguowo Health and Academic Foundation Scholarship.

Each of you deserve our admiration because l know how tough the selection process is to be awarded this prestigious scholarship.

You're indeed the Best Brains. I am confident that the level of support and academic guidance that you as IG AGUOWO HEALTH AND ACADEMIC FOUNDATION Scholars will receive in each of the secondary and tertiaryinstitutions that you are attending will be fulfill ing and enriching.

So my advice is to make full use of your time in your various schools to further enhance your studies.

My second point is about the IG AGUOWO HEALTH AND ACADEMIC FOUNDATION initiative to offer opportunities to the youths to continue their education without financial hindrances. Today we are inducting One Hundred Beneficiaries into the Scholarship Scheme. 

With these new beneficiaries, the iG Aguowo Health and Academic Foundation will now have a total number of Three hundred and Forty-Five Beneficiaries. 

Our target is to reach ten thousand beneficiaries and that we shall achieve by the Grace of God, Amen.

However, IG Aguowo Health and Academic Foundation has just finished the renovation of the principal's quarters at Ezike High School Nibo Anambra state, my alma mater. All these are for the love of education and services to God and Humanity.

Finally, you, our scholars should be proud that you have this opportunity to continue pursuing your dreams through lG Aguowo Health and Academic Foundation Scholarship Scheme.

My message is, be thankful first to your parents, your teachers and schools for nurturing your academic excellence. I request that after you have successfully completed your academic pursuits, please serve the society by doing the same thing we are doing for you today. 

Give to the needy, and never allow that child to be out of school when you have the ability to provide help. Am very excited that I am gradually fulfilling my promises to God as He blesses me which is giving back to society without expecting anything in return.

I wish each and every one of you success in your academic pursuits. Be and remain a good Ambassador of l


See you all next year 2024.

I remain your benefactor,

Ichie (0ZO} IG Aguowo

Founder/Chairman, IG Aguowo Health and Academic Foundation

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