High Chief Sir Samuel Ezeofia KSJI(Ichie Onwankataukwu) was born in 7th Jan 1950 to the family of Chief Nnudibia Ezeofia and Nwaugoye Ezeofia ( Okona enyikwo nwa).He is the third son of his Parents....

Onwa started in first education in Oganiru Primary school, later attended Secondary School at Nnobi Boys High school but couldnt finish to the Biafran War which affected his studies...

When the War ended, he came back and started learning Trade in Onitsha Main Market, as Gracemay have it, Out of seeking greener Pastures, God blessed his hands richly, he started importation travelled to UK, HongKong, Thailand, and Indonesia respectively.

In the year 1976, Onwa got married to Lolo Harriet Ifeyinwa Nee Anozie, first daughter of Late Chief Sunday Anozie. His marriage was blessed with 6 Kids.

He became a worthy Knight of St John's International in Catholic diocese of Onitsha, and was given a chieftancy title of "Ichie Onwankataukwu" and also a member of Igwe in Council in Year 1998 by Late HRH Igwe Augustine Obidiwe (Ezeakajiofoani, Eze Ojoto II)

Onwa was rigorously hard working and ruthlessly entrepreneurial, attributing the success of his company to "its consistent policy of making the  volume of its business large through the merit and cheapness of its textiles products. From his retirement until his death, Onwa channeled his drive and business savvy into philanthropy.

In his personal life, Onwa was deeply religious, an abolitionist, and an advocate of the temperance movement. He encouraged others to think of giving not as a duty but as a privilege." Though he was an unashamed businessman, his philanthropy in later life proved him to be a man of generosity as well.

His contributions to education and medicine were of unrivaled magnitude, creating a kind of philanthropy never seen before. Moreover,theinvestments and giving strategies perpetuated the modern foundation model.

In his later life, he challenged afluent people to consider their wealth as a responsibility and to contribute to social causes.. This call resonated with his fellow business Men and drew him to new levels of philanthropic activity....

On 21st Sept 2022, Death took away A man whose good deeds brought succour to the needy, We can't question God, but i believe he has joined the Saintsi n heaven.

Adieu Father!!!!! Till we meet to part no more...Jee Nkeoma Onwa!!!!!!

He survives by

His wife Lady Harieth Ifeyinwa Ezeofia

Mrs Blessing Adaobi Okeke (1st daughter)

Chief sir Samuel Chinedu Ezeofia (1st son)

Mrs Juliet Ebele Chime (2nd daughter)

Mr Joseph Anayo Ezeofia (2nd son)

Mr Tony Arinze Ezeofia (3rd son)

Mr Somto Igwilo (Grand son)

Mr Obiemeka Ezeofia (brother)

Mrs Ngozika Ekedimma (sister)

Mrs Elizabeth Okafor (sister)

Mrs Juliana Ilonze (sister)

Mrs Joy Anachuna (sister)

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