ANAMBRA: Man roasts goat for dogs.


An entertainment journalist, Ezeụzọh Arinze the director of has taken to TikTok to show off himself roasting a goat which he claims is for his dogs at Matino kennel (House of Mastiffs)

The House of Mastiffs breeder whose kennel can be found in Nimo, Anambra State said in the voice over of the video of a goat carcass hanging over a burning pile of firewood; “I am roasting this goat for my dogs…”

The reporter traced the owner of the TikTok to Nimo and made acquaintance with him while also confirming that indeed the Dog farm owner feeds his dogs well prepared meat. 

He said he does this to ensure his dogs get enough protein, boost their health and immune system

Reactions have started trickling in from others who encountered the video. 

While some say it is a stupid venture and that it would be cheaper going for bones and such like. Others are of the opinion that he is indeed setting the best standards for rearing a dog.

The breeder said, he breeds dogs like man's best friend not animals.

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