Ichie Clement Okwuego, uncommon leader

The Labours of our leaders past shall not be in vain #Ichie Clement Chukwuemeka Okwuego (Ezedioranma Nimo) from Uruolioke Village Nimo, became the Chairman of the NBS now NTDU Lagos branch from (1998 to 2001.) 

However, before he became the Chairman, he first served as the treasurer during the regime of Dr C.C. Ogbunugafor and held the same post during the first tenure of Chief C.C.Obi and became the Vice Chairman at the second tenure of Chief C.C Obi. Ichie Okwuego was democratically elected as the Chairman NTDU Lagos Branch after Chief Obi served out his tenure in 1998, making him the youngest Chairman then at the age of 38,Ichie Okwuego was blessed with dedicated, experienced and wonderful exco members and they contributed substantially and immensely to the success of his Administration, His vice chairman Late Ekemezie Okoye of the blessed memory was the engine behind the success story of his tenure, Chuks Okonkwo Esq was also in his administration, He contributed in no small measures to the progress of his Administration, Ezedioranma is so proud of his exco members. 

During his regime a fund -raising was organized in 2001, to buy a land and build a befitting Nimo Hall in Lagos, Nimo people has realized that the former land purchased was inadequate taking into consideration the developments in Lagos metropolis, the fund raising realized money,of which money was immediately invested to buy the present NBS location in the heart of Lagos (Amuwo Odofin) typically of Lagos lands the land was sand filled , that is the land in Apple Estate, the place now named Egwegwe Lagos. 

The land was water logged area so it was sandfilled , his Administration constructed the fence and installed two exit gates. The Labour for the job was carried out free of charge by Engr. Uyanna. He deserves some accolades,his Adminstration tried to construct a befitting three floor hall on the land by inviting and paid out side consultants just to avoid Nimo factor of delaying things. 

The estimated cost for the three floors by the QS to completion was presented to NBS members , They looked at it and said it was capital intensive so his Administration decided to keep it in view. He expected his successors to continue where he stopped , his Administration also introduced measures to encourage our Nimo indigenes resident in Lagos not registered as NTDU Lagos Branch members to join NTDU Lagos Branch, One of the selling point his Administration used was that any Nimo person resident in Lagos but not registered with NTDU that if any unexpected thing happened to him or any member of his family NTDU Lagos Branch will not participate. 

The second measure was that any registered member who owes dues/levies for more than #2000, that if any unfortunate thing happened to him or any member of his family NTDU Lagos Branch will not participate, Because, our members exhibited non chalant attitude of settling their dues and condolence levies then. And, our accounts were almost in red.These measures generated alot of debates from one section of the NTDU but as the Chairman, he stood his ground and at the end of the day his Administration succeeded, 

And these measures brought tremendous increase in our membership, of course they generated a lot of money from that. They also introduced visits to our sick bonafide members. From what l heard from the members and what l have seen with my two naked eyes, ─║chie Okwuego is a Born leader by all standard. He is God fearing man. Amiable man of the people. He is a great leader. As a leader, he does not listen to gossips and blackmails or comments people may make to weaken his defence. He defends the truth at all times. He is a fearless and courageous man. He is a man of positive change through selfless service. 

His leadership made our NTDU Lagos branch proud by making Nimo join the leagues of Igbo Town Unions that acquired properties in Lagos, the Egwegwe Lagos. Ichie Okwuego as l learnt was once an acting chairman of Etiti Nimo Progressive Union Lagos for many years when his chairman Late Mr John Ogbunando was bedridden for years. 

His currently the Chairman, of the Great Nwanneka international Noble Club Of Nigeria Lagos branch where he is performing wonderfully to the admiration of all the members. He has bagged so many laurels and awards from many Catholic churches including the award by the Eleven Festac Denary parishes as the Grand Patron. Ichie Okwuego is a seasoned politician. He runs a successful construction outfit with a branch at Abuja. He is a silent achiever. His leadership was a success story. To God be all the glory., Ichie CC Okwuego Ezedioranma Nimo is still a very active member of NBS now NTDU Lagos Branch, playing an Elderly role, from all intents and purposes,his tenure was a golden era for the branch, #The labours of our leaders past shall not be in vain#Thank God is Friday, don't touch the dial till next Friday#Ekene O*

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