Masquerades bid farewell to Ite-Igwe [Video]

Masquerades shutdown Dunukofia for Ite-Igwe. It was remarkable day in Dunukofia, great masquerades and dance troupes from Anambra state and environs converge in Ukpo for the burial ceremony of late Chief Fidelis Ogugua Udenka(Ọzọ Ezenwa 1 of Ukpo), alias Ite-Igwe.

Late Chief Fidelis is the father of Chief Dr.Emeka Lucky Udenka (Onyinye Chukwu Nyere Dunukofia). A Lagos based real estate mogul. The burial ceremony turned to cultural fiesta.

Indeed a celebration of life well spent and exhibition of Igbo culture at its finest. Adieu Chief Fidelis Udenka Adieu Ọzọ Ezenwa 1 of Ukpo Adieu Ite-Igwe!!!

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