Origin of the abusive words "Ezi-Bida"

Ezi Bida (Dirty Pig) is an offensive words common in Igbo land especially Anambra state. People may not know the origin of the popular derogatory words that is use to qualify an extremely dirty person. In this Vlog, i travelled to Nwa Ngene, a dry lake in Fegge, a district in the commercial city of Onitsha, where the words originated. In Igbo Language, Ezi means Pig, and Bida is a street in Fegge, Onitsha named after a local government in Niger state, because the early settlers in the area are Hausa people (Northerners). Nwa Ngene lake is located in Bida street which is well known for dirty pigs. This is how the word Ezi Bida was coined.

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