Nlecha (showing off) is good!!! says KAPCI CEO

Nlecha (showing off) is good!!!

The CEO of Fidels Associates Ltd and KAPCI Coatings, Ebubedike George Obi praised members of Keep-Fit club during the condolence visit at the burial ceremony of his late mother.

Referring to the benefits of keeping fit, he said, when someone is fit and healthy people will say he's showing off but they wouldn't know what it takes to keep fit. When they are sleeping and drinking,we are busy keeping fit.

Regular exercise is a way of "Nlecha", it keeps away high blood pressure, diabetes, and other terminal illnesses. Ebubedike in his speech, said that everyone have 2 or more families apart from his biological family. He affirmed that Keep-Fit social club is part of his family and also expressed his happiness to be one them.

Being the only social club he belong to, he said, the burial ceremony of his late mother wouldn't have been complete without them. He thank them for honouring his invitation and welcomed them to his hometown Keep-Fit social club of Nigeria is a Lagos based club of fitness enthusiast,with it's headquarter at national stadium Lagos.

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