Revealed! Inside Nkwo Amaenyi shrine, Awka

Nkwo Amaenyi shrine is the central traditional shrine of Awka kingdom. A sacred land of worship for traditional rites and festival. Traditionally,Awka is known for several deities, in pre-colonial days it became famous as the home of the Agbala Oracle a deity that was said to be a daughter of the great Long Juju shrine of Arochukwu. Egwu Opu Eke which is one of the four cultural events of Imo-oka festival is performed at Now Amaenyi shrine.It is a rich cultural dance performed by female worshipers of Imo-Oka shrine which includes priestesses and ordinary women alike decorated in colourful costume dancing in the market square in honour of the deity controlling the Nkwo Amaenyi shrine. Music credit:Ajofia Nnewi Title:Odu na Ana Abia

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