COW STUNTS: A rising feat at burial ceremonies

No doubt burial ceremony is the biggest entertainment industry in Igboland, especially Anambra state, known for  the center wealth and excellence among other Igbo state in South East Nigeria
This could be attributed to the fact that it involves entire families of the deceased and beyond.

At burial ceremonies there are different kinds of  unskilled exhibitions (flute players, drummers, acrobatics etc) by the locals, usually uninvited with the intent of begging. The latest among such group is the cow stunts.

In Igboland, cow is a prestigious traditional gift and the biggest gift at burial ceremony. It can be presented in cash or live cow. The cow stunt boys are not the normal cattle rearer, rather the locals boys who think they are brave enough to make a living out of the risky stunts with the animal.

I will post the video later.

 Stay tuned.

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