Alusi, "Ikenga Awka" arrives at Amaenyi square

Ikenga is a traditional deity found among Igbo people in south-east Nigeria. A cultural artifact and one of the most powerful symbols in Ndigbo (Igbo people).

In the video, during the 2017 Imoka festival, Alusi (deity) "Ikenga Awka", was transported to Nkwo Amaenyi square (shrine) during the  Opueke festival, a day before the famous Imoka cultural festival.

Opueke festival is for the female traditionalists, Queens (Ndi EzeNwanyi). They gathered and offered sacrifice, pray to the Ikenga for protections and other spiritual needs, presents offering such as kolanuts, cockerel, yam, alligator pepper and kolanuts, depending on their financial strength and needs.

Ikenga also signifies a warrior, in human shape, with horns and fierce expression. It is believe that Ikenga is very powerful to handle spiritual battles.

During the event, Eze Imoka (the Chief priest), Chief Chukwural Ikegbunam receives the offerings for consecrations and guides them through the spiritual process.

Awka is the capital city of Anambra state in Southeastern Nigeria and  Imoka is the biggest cultural festival of the city celebrated on the 5th month of the year. An ancient cultural festival with over 1000years history.

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